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Maximize space and optimize content with Samsung SMART Signage solutions

Digital signage today needs to be versatile and cost effective with an emphasis on maximizing space efficiency. There has been an increasing need to utilize niche spaces with effective signage solutions. Samsung SHF Series displays, with 16:4.5 wide screen stretched display offer the ability to effectively communicate information in small, narrow spaces such as store shelves, ceilings, and corridors.

When used in a 24/7 transportation environment, Samsung SMART Signage SHF Series displays are an invaluable asset in keeping travelers apprised of changing schedules providing clear, easy to read, vibrant information that can be consumed at a glance.
In retail environments, SHF Series displays offer unique opportunities to promote products or entice customers with product information using minimal amount of space. With the capability of continuous 24/7 non-stop operation, you can rest assured that customer attention will be at an all time high.

Customize content from portrait to landscape and display with simplicity

Samsung SHF Series displays offer pivoting capability along with image rotation software that can change image orientation from portrait to landscape for greater display flexibility. Images do not require rotation in image editing software to make them appear correctly in a different orientation as this capability is handled automatically within the display. The 16:4.5 wide screen format enables you to create a rich interactive experience in a multitude of ways in a variety of spaces. Content is fully optimized and the display allows for greater flexibility since it can accommodate for content in any orientation. Easily deliver vibrant, realistic images with ease and simplicity. On playing contents of 540x1920 size, pivot mode makes it optimal.


LG Premium Inverter Aircons

LG Plasmater Ionizer Plus

LG's deluxe Inverter V line boasts of its various filtration systems which protect users from harmful substances present in the air and save them from the discomfort of having to frequently clean the filter.

HS-09IPM  1.0hp
HS-12IPM  1.5hp
HS-18IPM  2.0hp
HS-24IPM  2.5hp

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Enjoy a healthier, safer and more pleasant home environment.
with LG's clean air technology.

Inverter vs Non-inverter Aircon Compressor

The Samsung's Digital Inverter Compressor can present you more value than expected. Here's an interesting competition between Inverter man and Non-Inverter man. Are you curious? Check out the video!

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• Cools Faster, Farther, and Wider

• Cools You Fast Then Cools You Comfortably

• Automatically Save Energy

• Eliminates Viruses

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